There Is A Site To Every Story

And every site has one to tell. But unless somebody does, it's like it never existed.

Movify is an integrated suite of mobile devices and internet applications that breath life into Apple or Google maps by adding a storytelling function, "movifying" them.

Touch any "play" icon on the app's interactive display - Movify will turn the item into a concise, beautiful and informative movie clip.

An "item" can be any site on the map, such as a city, a national park, a scenic area or a business, but also an event, an organization, or even a person associated with that location.

Each class of items is identified through a certain icon color. "Green" denotes national parks, "aqua" - bodies of water, "turquoise" - scenic areas... You'll figure out the rest!

A video clip's length is commensurate with the item's relative importance. Clip durations grow incrementally in one minute intervals, starting at two, but not exceeding ten, minutes long.

The short movies are narrated in any of the world's ten most spoken languages, from English and Spanish, French and Korean, to Chinese or Portuguese.

"Amerigo" is a first Movify module available as an iPhone application. A separate edition is available for each of ten distinct languages.

Download it from the iTunes Store!